Food Club

choose your plan: keto or diabetes 

Get yourself a privileged access to lots of events introducing you to food-hacking in the most luxurious and fun way.

Food habits cost you lifetime, health and money. The Food Club will cover most of your challenges in sugar management, energy boosting, immunity, hormonal balance and overall lifestyle where food is popular and affordable pleasure

1. Annual 

Developing new food habits:

We created a simple and practical step by step course.

You can choose the knowledge that's interesting for you personally: nutrition data, recipes, culinary technics, etc. 

Every 3 days you get an email with video instruction "special for you"!


2. Product box

Home cooking

Every month you get a special box with

- monthly amount of fiber

- diversity of health food products

Product portfolio

3. Meal Vending*

Ready food based on the nutrition plan


In-depth nutrition data for better results

*Our next stage of investment

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We work with bloggers and opinion leaders



Keto expert. Co-Founder of a marketing agency. 

Lost 30 kg during 1 year



Model. Influencer. CEO of marketing company. Lady Universe 2020