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The 1st
Liquid Fermented
Herbs & Spices

Organic Liquid Fermented Herbs & Spices

Obtained by mechanical pressing and fermentation, liquid fermented herbs and spices are safe because of super-slow-pressing and zero solvents, chemicals or any other additives. They are handy to use because of their concentration and long shelf life due to their self-preservation. Great ingredients both for professional chefs and for home cooking.

Better than dried spices for cold foods. Instant cold flavoring

Not essential oils. Essential oils are cosmetics, not food

No alcohol. Perfect for kids and alcohol averse people

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How we do it


Mechanical pressing

Super-slow-pressed, each herb/spice under an individual set of conditions

Native fermentation

No fermentation cultures were added at this stage. Native biota does the job.


Standardization of texture with premium cold-pressed rice bran & germ, flaxseed, coconut, black seed or olive oil

We tried to repeat the process of spice flavour disclosure while chewing in the mouth

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Capability of a new form

The fluid form enables new usage and sustainability of traditional recipes that are not available with dry or fresh herbs & spices


Best flavor & aroma

Flavor & Aroma characteristics are sustainable in cold products. Longer storage time + flavor stability within 12 months


Health choice

The technology combines know-how mechanical slow-pressing with fermentation. All vitamins & minerals kept in. Scientifically proved.

50 herbs and spices

Allspice/ Aniseed/ Bay Leaf / Black Cumin/ Black Pepper /Calamus/ Caraway/ Cardamom / Cassia Cinnamon/ Chili Pepper/ Cinnamon/ Clove/ Coriander/ Cumin /Curry/ Dill / Echinacea/ Fennel/ Fenugreek/Flaxseed/ Ginger/ Ginseng/ Horseradish/ Juniper Berry / Lady's Mantle/ Lavender/ Lemongrass/ Licorice Root /Mace/ Milk Thistle/ Motherworth/ Mountain Tea / Oregano/ Parsley/ Peppermint / Pink Peppercorn/ Rosemary/ Sage/ Sichuan Peppercorn/ Smoked Paprika/ Spearmint/ St. John's Wort/ Star Anise / Summer Savory/ Thyme /Tonka Bean/ Turmeric/ Valerian Root/ Wormwood/ Yarrow Herb

Perfect to use in


We offer customized private label products for retail and food service markets in wide variety of packaging formats.


EU Food safety license

Organic Certificate

Minimum order quantity for private label – 5 ml min order 1000 items / your product line (max 5 items). 30 ml min order 200 items ( max 2 items).

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