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Advanced Technologies Centre for Food Industry 

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CMYK Ingredients is an R&D Center accredited by the EU Commission.

We are a unique EU based food-tech developer for SMEs


OUR projects:

We develop food ingredients for industries based on simple natural bio-tech. 

Back to microbiome. Back to basics

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HQ in


Sprout Dynamics is the developer of dynamic sprouting, a disruptive technology aiming at replacing the existing artisanal sprouting (globally). Dynamic sprouting is a fully industrial, humanless and safe of food hazards, limitlessly scalable technology.

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Leckar is a spin-off company specialising in innovative patented technology for liquid fermented botanicals where all the nutrition qualities (vitamins, minerals, etc.) of the plants are preserved and can be stored for up to 2 years, without using hazardous chemicals or energy and resource intensive processes.

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In progress

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Dehydration AI-based equipment with data collection units and data processing technologies that can enable the SMEs to master the safety equilibrium and achieve the quality of all plants based products without losing the nutrition profile in the process.

Driven by impact we address the global demand for affordable, high-quality food ingredients with special consideration for economic, social, environmental and governance outcomes. We stand for sustainability and believe in long-term finite resource management as the key to success and an engine for innovation and growth. Our values are aligned with the SDGs – CMYK Ingredients contributes to 4 SDGs:

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Our principles:

Media about us:

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